from Hermit Kingdom (south korea 2006)

Still revising The Heyday. Lots of re-seeings, re-readings, re-samplings, mixings and so on.

The Heyday (2005-2012) is travel writing. Basho.  Walt Whitman.  Herodotus. 18-19th travel handbooks, Buddhism, ethics and suffering and so on.

My experiences in South Korea, Katowice Poland, Elblag Poland, Ankara Turkey, Rome yadda yadda . . . .

Sometimes living in extreme circumstances without contact. Sometimes less extreme.

Creative translations from books and life and memories and experiences . .. blurring the lines . . . getting slippery . . . all writing as translation . . all words as already in the public sphere . . . including all poetry . .

The above picture is from visit to a Buddhist temple in South Korea in 2006 (Bongeunsa).

My hands are spread out for different turn-tables, mixing decks and so on.

Lots of books spread out on my table. Including my notebooks of travel notes and musings and poetry scraps. Travel handbooks from 18th century. Various 20th century books of poetry. Basho and Herodotus. Sometimes the music of what I am listening to makes it in the poem as well.

The present and the past collapse.

Here is one still in progress from one section of The Heyday called The Hermit Kingdom (South Korea 2006).  Written 2006. Revised through the years.

A bit of Mr. Lautreamont in 2012 gave me the goading I needed . . .

He will perhaps goad me some more!! It is not yet finished:





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