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  • Post Punk

    Post Punk

    Terrific review of Never Mind the Beasts in Idler magazine by Robert Greer. “Stylewise it would appeal to fans of both abrupt American Lydia Davis and Soviet absurdist Daniil Kharms . . . A Portrait of the Artist for the Tyskie and Kimchi generation.”


    indie-pop, post-punk, new wave and sixties music. Scared to Dance. London. Wee interview over at Swimmer’s Club: https://www.all-new.swimmersclub.co.uk/scared-to-dance/  

  • Get while you can!!

    a set of post-punk visual poetry ceramic tile coasters by Grzegorz Wroblewsk ……………… YIPPIE!!! post punk ceramic coaster

  • post punk visual poetry coasters

    zimZalla object 011 will be Deuter Kelner, a set of post-punk visual poetry coasters by Grzegorz Wroblewski. Each coaster measures 9cm x 9cm. Available individually or as a complete set of six. Ideal for the dining room, scullery or mead hall. Out and available to buy on 1st November.

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