Art can help us see and hear and smell and taste and touch with a more attentive mind. And there is so much to explore. Art can help us have a beginner’s mind. Empty and open. Art is my medicine and also my spiritual practice. Here is an interview, upon the release of my firstContinue reading “VITAMINS AND MINERALS”

The Green Monk Interview

What is The Green Monk? It is many things. Hopefully, a good journey. Here are some questions, and brief answers, about influences, images, nomadic surrealism. The great project of reconciling dream and reality. Thank you Boiler House Press.

Marcus Slease Interview

Marcus Slease sits down with Everest Magazine to talk craft, influences, Polish surrealism, Americana and THE HOUSE OF ZABKA, out now from Deathless Press. Just a few basic stats: Born: Portadown, N. Ireland Educated: Weber State Univeristy, Western Washington University, UNC Greensboro Favorite Author/voice: Richard Brautigan, Samuel Beckett Profession: Teacher of English as a foreign language    Continue reading “Marcus Slease Interview”