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The Green Monk Interview

What is The Green Monk? It is many things. Hopefully, a good journey. Here are some questions, and brief answers, about influences, images, nomadic surrealism. The great project of reconciling dream and reality. Thank you Boiler House Press.

The Cough by Barbara Guest

A prose poem, by the great Barbara Guest, from 1999, before the turn of the millennium, which somehow seems significant. A nomadic surrealist dreams of real life.

The Outhouse

Selection from The Spirit of the Bathtub

The Spirit of the Bathtub is a limited edition book available until 1st June 2019

Subway Station

by Miroslav Holub. 1970. Trans. Ian & Jaramila Miller



The Papermill Playhouse

    Alfred Starr Hamilton. One of my favourite American surrealists!!!    

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