The Enemies project: Marcus Slease & Tomas Mielcarek

Collaborative reading with the Polish British poet Tomas Mielcarek. We are both nomads. And also immigrants. Many times over. Maybe someday I will be classified as an Irish writer (since that is my citizenship and birthplace). But who knows. No one has classified me as Irish unless I classify myself as Irish. But I amContinue reading “The Enemies project: Marcus Slease & Tomas Mielcarek”

Penn Sound Page

GRZEGORZ WROBLEWSKI HAS A NEW PENN SOUND PAGE. YIPPIE!!! Mp3s of readings from London:  Torriano reading series and Enemies project reading at Rich Mix.  Also a reading I did of Grzegorz’s poetry set to some basic music I whipped together. Check it out: Painting: Grzegorz Wróblewski The Post-Literate (R)Evolution