Mike Topp and Grzegorz Wroblewski

A few more observations, haiku, extremely short stories, by Mike Topp who lives and works in a large, Eastern metropolis. Grzegorz Wroblewski’s Kopenhaga and Mike Topp’s poetry have quiet a lot in common. They are both from the Milky Way for one! I think their poetry would get along really well together!! http://www.scn.org/realpoetik/topp-mike-htm-99.htm  

Ordinary Sun, Coeur De Lion, Off Press, Calvert Gallery

The end of week is coming fast. It has been my spring break. I got an HIV test (negative), some blood tests for all sorts of goodies (awaiting), vision test (and a new pair of glasses coming in two weeks), 20 new poems (and revisions). So a health check and writing week. Got two terrificContinue reading “Ordinary Sun, Coeur De Lion, Off Press, Calvert Gallery”

The Unbearables . . . Mike Topp . . . etc.

The Unbearables are lightin my fire!! Mike Topp’s Shorts are Wrong is super super!! Still exploring Sharon Mesmer. Hm . . . thanks to Grzegorz Wroblewski over in Copenhagen for pointing me in their direction . . . http://virginformica.blogspot.com/ The Unbearables: http://www.unbearables.com/blog/


Ladies and Gentlemen, A special issue of Past Simple edited by Marcus Slease and Jim Goar is now available for your viewing and listening pleasure. Innovative British Irish and Scottish poetry. An amazing array. Hurrah! Poetry and some sound from: Karen Eliot Geraldine Monk Peter Manson Tim Atkins Steve Willey Augustus Young Alyson Torns MichaelContinue reading “PAST SIMPLE ISSUE 6”