Miniature Gorilla

I don’t like to sell. Perhaps you are a seller. I am not a good seller. Long ago, at Matrixx Marketing I was a seller, but I am no longer a seller. I am not motivated by numbers and targets. Others, I am sure, are motivated by numbers. Looking back, selling accidental death insurance, all those hours on the phone, recording my bowel movements, reading back rebuttals, I am glad I am no longer a seller, especially on the phone. I don’t like the phone, although I appreciate that it exists and is sometimes helpful. Here is an excerpt from my novel about selling on the phones. The novel, Never Mind the Beasts, is forthcoming from Dostoyevsky Wannabe in April 2020, after ten years of tinkering. It is the first book of my nomadic surrealist trilogy. This excerpt is very short, because we like short, it is about selling and managers and miniature gorillas. Perhaps you have your own miniature gorilla too!

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