Erkembode (DAVID KELLY-MANCAUX) has created a saintly scroll of my poems (a minimalist version of Kerouac’s On the Road).
Erkembode created the poetry scroll while working the gift shop at the British Museum. He said the till was going crazy spewing out poems instead of numbers for receipts.
These poems are conversational vernacular poems. A mix of the bop prosody of Kerouac Ginsberg and the expansive and plainspoken NY School poetry of Frank O’ Hara and Eileen Myles.
But it’s not on the road. It’s in the bathtub and on the train and hanging in my housing estate in east London docklands etc.
Chris Gutkind got a saintly scroll and hung it across his balcony.
A waterfall.
I was very happy to see poems as waterfall. And as receipt scroll.
They are part of my ongoing Nomadic surrealist life project.
And also my book in progress Play Yr Kardz Right.















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