IMMA sexing the cherry and airplane food

Imma by Ji Yoon Lee 

the good of gruel . . the goo of the gruel . .  cute as a button . . kneebiters as prom queens . .  conglomerate prostitution . . language of all shapes and sizes . . yep yep  . . Stephen Hawking and his Lou Gerig’s diet. . . mongrel matings . .ahoy . . diet cokes and tapeworms . . the rug that was . .

it hopped me up on the underground and I’m gonna ride that train  . many more times . . Radioactive . . Press . . YES!

Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson

I like the nine dancers and the big fat protagonist. I like nine. I like nine errors and Linus Slug. I am now writing a chapbook reworked from 2008 and it’s all because of the nine. The new chapbook is called The Circle Line. Nine line poems. Each poem a different station on the circle line. Using bits of Dante. And lotsa other sources. There are nine circles of hell too. 3 sets of trinities. The third gender three times. And the third way with three different people. Nine. Don’t we all love a good nine. Thank miss Jeanette Winterson who hid books under her bed cause as a child she was only allowed books bout the bible and such . . love live nine . . and Jeanette Winterson  ..

Airplane Food by Gabby Gabby

 I love the gab of this gabby. This gabby gabby. 23 yr old California males and 19 yr old Virginians to kick start . . Jack Kerouac.. joints . . the thumbs . . I see a lot of thumbs . . it feels like nostalgia . . but it’s too flighty . . the welcome signs are pay per use scales . . a Jay Z look-alike. . . depression for dummies . .  Tao Lin but not Tao Lin . . all the buttons on his wee shirt gone. . Spring . . stein . . at Dunkin Donuts . . a warm pool of vomit . .

There is something happening

excerpt of one of my novellas in progress over at Metazen.

It starts with a mysterious snorting.

The horny toads are the suitors . . you just have to get past their horny exterior and then its clean sailings . .

Also got in the post today:

1) Light Boxes by Shane Jones:

(might get Daniel Fights a Hurricane as well:daniel fights a hurricane)

2) Airplane Food by Gabby Gabby

3) Lost in Cat Brain Land by Cameron Pierce

Can’t wait to dig in!!!!

Gabby gabby, Diana Salier, Tao Lin and cognitive behavioral therapy for all . .

Enjoying some of the poems and videos of Gabby Gabby. Just ordered her Airplane Food from NAP:

Reading Tao Lin’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well.

And Diana Salier’s Letters from Robots


Both highly recommended. I am hoping Gabby Gabby’s Airplane Food will be fab fab as well. Liked what I read at 3:AM and her videos and such:


Here are some of her poems in 3AM magazine:
Video poems and links and such over at her webpage:

Seeing connections between them. And the films of Miranda July. A shared aesthetic. Of course all very different artists, writers, poets  as well.

Very spare minimalism. Powerful for me emotionally because of the over-saturation and manipulation of emotions via advertising/media/film/realist novels etc.

A hyper-realism sometimes . . perhaps . .  and therefore surreal . . a new surrealism framed by current conditions of 21st century living. What does that mean? 21st century living? HA! Something I can quite articulate because there are too many variables. But also something there there.

A honest absurdity in their work? authentic? Can we use that word? Authentic?

I can’t connect to pure poetry pure art pure music. Maybe a little. But not much. There is a disconnect between how I experience and move in the world and pure anything. I have always been drawn to the impure and its beauties.

And cognitive behavioral therapy for all . . .