IMMA sexing the cherry and airplane food


Imma by Ji Yoon Lee 

the good of gruel . . the goo of the gruel . .  cute as a button . . kneebiters as prom queens . .  conglomerate prostitution . . language of all shapes and sizes . . yep yep  . . Stephen Hawking and his Lou Gerig’s diet. . . mongrel matings . .ahoy . . diet cokes and tapeworms . . the rug that was . .

it hopped me up on the underground and I’m gonna ride that train  . many more times . . Radioactive . . Press . . YES!

Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson

I like the nine dancers and the big fat protagonist. I like nine. I like nine errors and Linus Slug. I am now writing a chapbook reworked from 2008 and it’s all because of the nine. The new chapbook is called The Circle Line. Nine line poems. Each poem a different station on the circle line. Using bits of Dante. And lotsa other sources. There are nine circles of hell too. 3 sets of trinities. The third gender three times. And the third way with three different people. Nine. Don’t we all love a good nine. Thank miss Jeanette Winterson who hid books under her bed cause as a child she was only allowed books bout the bible and such . . love live nine . . and Jeanette Winterson  ..

Airplane Food by Gabby Gabby

 I love the gab of this gabby. This gabby gabby. 23 yr old California males and 19 yr old Virginians to kick start . . Jack Kerouac.. joints . . the thumbs . . I see a lot of thumbs . . it feels like nostalgia . . but it’s too flighty . . the welcome signs are pay per use scales . . a Jay Z look-alike. . . depression for dummies . .  Tao Lin but not Tao Lin . . all the buttons on his wee shirt gone. . Spring . . stein . . at Dunkin Donuts . . a warm pool of vomit . .

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