The Future is in the Wind

When I lived in East London, we walked along the canal near Christmas and ate the Christmas cake. I thought about my family, especially my brother Aaron, gone now 8 years. We were very close growing up as new immigrants in America, and also in Milton Keynes, where he was born.


After Turkey, and a stint of dog walking in Italy, he moves to London, falls in love, lands a gig as an adjunct professor at an American style university in London. He feels a sense of community with the avant garde poetry community iand starts to write a novel from his experiences living in various countries. Feels the joy of NY school poetry. His brother, in Utah, dies suddenly from an overdose and he visits his family for the first time in over seven years.


It’s still hard and the world is a completely different place with loss of this size. We were so close growing up and then were reconnecting again after I left the U.S. and traveled the world for seven years in attempt to make new home. I’d made the circle. I was coming home. And IContinue reading “TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEATH OF MY BROTHER”

International Poetry and Fiction from Mexico City

Got some poems in the new issue of Ofi Press Magazine from Mexico City. Including one for my brother Aaron (“Piper Down”). Tomorrow he will have been gone for 2 years. It’s still hard!!!

chips and curry

in honour of my brother’s birthday today. He died unexpectedly six months ago. Heroin overdose in Spanish Fork Utah. Miss him a shitload. He would have turned 30 today. We were very close growing up together. Took care of him when he was a baby. Bathed him in a plastic baby tub in Milton Keynes,Continue reading “chips and curry”