Category: surrealist art

  • Dark Surrealism of Zdzisław Beksiński

    At Beksiński na Śląsku in Tychy, we viewed some nice paintings. Dark surrealist journeys from the 1970s to somewhere like 2005. The gallery itself was not so great. They could have done a much better job of the lighting, set up etc. And 10 euros for entry is a bit steep for such a small show…

  • Plaster Cocktail

    Plaster Cocktail

    Super happy to have an excerpt from my forthcoming novel Never Mind the Beasts (formerly The Autobiography of Don Whiskers) in the new issue of Plaster Cocktail: Invisible Monsters. Thanks to the editors Polina Riabova and Stephanie Maida for including me in this fab issue. Cathartic art and reading! The novel is coming out in…

  • The Decline of Bourgeois Society

    By Andre Breton. 1935.

  • Georges Hugnet Collage

  • Forbidden Fruit

    1969. Leonora Carrington.

  • Expectation

    by Richard Oelze, 1935.



    11th November 2013 NOT JUST ANOTHER SAINT PERFORMANCE NIGHT AT HARDY TREE GALLERY IN LONDON. IT WAS CALLED SAINTS ON FILM I changed into a white robe and Saint Erkembode screened the film he made on my back while I read a collaborative story about traveling through London to find a Doom Drone concert. The…

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