Nomination for Best Microfiction 2020

I’m honored to announce that my story “Jitters” has been nominated for inclusion in Best Microfiction, 2020. The Best Microfiction anthology series considers stories of only 400 words or fewer. Co-edited by award-winning microfiction writer/editor Meg Pokrass, and Flannery O’Connor Prize-winning author Gary Fincke, the anthology will have Michael Martone serve as final judge. Best Microfiction, 2020 is scheduled for publication in spring 2020 by Pelekinesis Press. “Jitters” appeared in Litro Magazine. Thanks, Catherine McNamara, flash fiction editor of Litro Magazine, for the nomination.

Image: “Matrix” by Aleks Klepnev is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0