Morten Sondergaard

we drift and dawdle and dart and Pit and Pounce and 
gallop and glide and jink and jog and lope and leap and march and 
 meander and plod and prance and promenade and prowl and sashay and saunter 
 and step and shamble and shuQe and stalk and stomp and stride and stroll and 
 strut and swagger and tiptoe and tramp and trip and trot and trudge and wade and waddle 
 and wander.
— Morton Sondergaard
Morton Sondergaard is the best in Danish poetry.
He writes about our glorious follies and glorious evolution and revolution.
Check out his book A Step In The Right Direction. Available from Bookthug in Canada.
Oh yeahhhh!!!
and an interview over here with SJ Fowler:





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