when you point your finger guess who it’s pointing back to

guess everyone needs to take a turn . . Department Books has some interesting stuff on the island . . onedit was the best magazine I have seen from the island . .  and Mendoza is putting together a nice book of poems for a reading this week . . poems for Sonic Youth .Continue reading “when you point your finger guess who it’s pointing back to”

The possibilities of life/art/community

Fun reading last night!!! Really super enjoyed it. Good to feel the enjoyment. The pleasures of poetry/language/community. Really super happy to read from new work in the chapbook Balloons . . I like Balloons . . . I like the chapbook . . . Ewa rocks!!! the paper and string and smell of nail varnishContinue reading “The possibilities of life/art/community”

reading tonight in east london

i am reading tonight with nice mix of poets. If you are around, come on out!!!! Will read some short short poem plays inspired by mr kenneth koch 🙂 Maintenant Slovakia in association with Literature across Frontiers & Arc Publications June Saturday 18th 2011 – 7pm – Entrance Free – The Rich Mix arts centre.Continue reading “reading tonight in east london”