Panmelys wrote a nice review of my nomadic poetry. She writes: “seeking otherness Of a soul, hungering after ‘Hiraeth’. Which means ‘A longing for something This World can never give’, Celtic source, with an Emphasis on ‘This’ as opposed to ‘Other ‘world” I like this very much. I think it gets at the seemingly contradictoryContinue reading “WHAT IS NOMADIC SURREALISM?”


https://soundcloud.com/jjmars/saint-tom Setting: A government housing estate called Coffee Hall in Milton Keynes, UK. Characters: David Bowie, Neil Diamond, the Milton Keynes Bowl, hot air balloon, a mars bar,a rocket ship, an American mall, a playground, a 10 year old boy. Plot: a ten year old boy has just found out he is immigrating to theContinue reading “SAINT TOM”