Quarantine Report from spain, days 16-32

The days are moving quickly, and also slowly, it is hard to remember where we started. I am watching the news less and less, and trying to stay healthy in mind as well as body. We are now allowed out, in specific time slots, and it is good to walk out there and exercise the body, that is helping. For many weeks we were stuck inside except for groceries every few days, and it is good to climb out of that phase of our existence.

I’ve been writing quarantine reports (or lockdown reports) from Spain for The Growler. They are still ongoing in my newest novel in progress, The Dreamlife of Honey. It is nice to look back and see where we were and where we are now, which is the same day, over and over, but with some variations.

“On the rooftops people are walking in circles, keeping their social distance, walking around and around for exercise, a little fresh air from their cages, on one rooftop someone is bench pressing, walking and walking in circles, on another roof an athlete is sprinting around the chimneys, empty
buses swish past the bus stops, more and more people peeping from their balconies, we
are still here, they are saying without speaking, we are still here.”

My final installment of the quarantine reports from Spain, now over at The Growler.





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