Wróblewski / Bloom Exhibition

A collaboration between the Polish artist and writer Grzegorz Wroblewski and the South African artist Doris Bloom, at the Warsaw Literary Museum, takes as it’s starting point The New Colony (2003), an experimental treatise/novel/play, in the tradition of Kafka and Beckett. Both Bloom and Wróblewski are immigrants to Denmark and their work probes “the endless vibrations of identity.” They share a similar “philosophical approach to simplicity and interests hinged to the limits of the human condition and its topicality” (Doris Bloom). “Both artists resort to strategies and gestures that can be associated with tachisme, calligraphic painter, matter painting or action painting” (Wojtek Wilczyk). Their art is nomadic, spoor-like, with layers, trails, and traces. Their collaborative exhibition is “a tale about the human brain and its history” and it is also “their planetary message” (Wróblewski).

Artist: Grzegorz Wroblewki