Super happy to have poems in the new Tin House. Just got my copy. Stellar feast on faith in there. Joy Williams. Anne Carson. Aimee Bender. Louise Erdrich. Lotsa goodies in there.

From my poem “Sacred Spring” in the new Tin House. A lost baby. Miscarriage. Travel. The great ships come and go.

From my poem “Baptism” in the new issue of Tin House. Visited psychologist in Portadown. Think I was six. They wanted me to draw an 8. I couldn’t draw an 8. I drew two circles joined together. Over and over. Then I got baptised at 8. My foot kept coming out of the water. I can never get clean enough. Sinning is infinity.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dani Sandal says:

    Super Cool, Marcus!! A poignant visual, crouching position, shaking hand with danger. Dig. That. Sinning is infinity . . . everlasting and true. xox


  2. JJ Mars says:

    Thanks Dani 💀🤖


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