We will serve food in jelly. Mouth grenades.  A concentrated form of sustenance and subsistence.  This is all you need to survive. Our slogan is: ‘My cranium is a helmet of the universe’. Starting off with a duo of basic flavours: chicken  and rosemary (chicken being at the core), to then develop the menu into a kaleidoscope of tastes. Mouth granades will be given birth to in slow painless labour and voluntary yet obligatory fired into ‘the peoples’ mouths.You would get what you order until you begin to order what you get. You are in control of a constantly shooting catapult that forces (into) you, mandatory injections.
The shop sign will consist of the mouth grenade between Thatcher and Bukowski. The projection of their silhouettes into the fireplace. In the fireplace there shall be two jellies, slowly moving against each other. Harnessing from the friction of the jellies we will create a free source of energy and a luminescence-warming light to what was once a cold room. What was previously cold will become warm.

Free range and everything now in range of our grasp can belong to us because it’s free.

Complementary website with photographs: spreading a live feed of 1000 images per hour, divided between 6 photographers. 1 photo a minute per photographer of the live preceding of the jellies in the fire place producing free energy through friction, warmth and luminescence light into… a previously cold and dark room.

Later on: human sized jelly shaped humans that you can eat for breakfast.

Jollyjelly jelly jolly jelly jelly jolly jolly jelly.

The potential tyranny of jellyjolly. The tyranny of theology of jellyjolly. The priests delivering the body of Thatcher and the blood of Bukowski. Moving from private realm into the public domain, using the technology of 3D printer. Unclear why.





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