I am a new born babe again . .

For the past three months or so I have looking at/for innovative fiction. And writing it.  Especially hybrid fiction. Somewhere between poetry and prose. And so far my favourites have been Mud Luscious Press (esp their imprint Nephew) and Fugue State Press. I found Fugue State Press this morning and ordered two books but I want everything in their catalog. Simply amazing!!! So happy. Another world has opened up for my writing. Writing as possibility.

check out Fugue State Press and buy everything everything everything. The work is unlike anything I have ever read. I am a new born babe again. YES!!


(pic from the legendary record label Fugue State: http://www.jeremyriad.com/blog/art/3d/art-multiples/fugue-state-records-concept-project-by-abe-lincoln-jr/)

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