Where is Aaron?

I cannot find you brother. How can I imagine you as nowhere. If I imagine you as somewhere where I can imagine you? On a cloud? Slipping back into the sea? As some kind of energy?

I like to imagine you as full of awe and wonder. Full of peace. I like to imagine you NOT suffering. NOT full of pain and worry and heartbreak. I like to imagine you free.

I want to live fully brother. More fully. I want to be awake with the love of you.  I want the love of you to help me awake to love.

I am full of silence today. Just the hum of the fan on this laptop. No music. Just the London buses passing by.

You do not suffer my brother. I am closing my eyes and seeing you. Hearing you.

You are here.


  1. Lindsay

    Thank you. So grateful for you sharing your heart, and allowing all that you feel to be held in love and light. Sorry for your loss.

    Lindsay Hinton (friend of Kristy Thomas)


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