The Great Vegetable BOOM


The Spanish introduced the potato to Europe in the second half of the 16th century. After they killed off the Incas. European mariners brought it to territories and ports all around the world. I guess the European farmers were skeptical for a while but it was adopted. The potato played a major role in the 19th century population boom. 

What new food will create the next BOOM? A new creature altogether?

What if the 21st century Frankensteinian monster is really a vegetable?

Frankenstein’s Monster was a vegetarian.

OK so you are composed of dismembered parts and you are a vegetarian. 

But that’s a whole nuther logic.

A soft tangent brings us back to the potato. 

Our next great vegetable to make BOOM

will be:

a) made in the lab

b) from outer space

c) half meat/half vegetable

d) come in tablet form

e) in our milk

f) in our air 

g) woven into clothes

h) virtual

i) odourless

j) stinky

k) white

L) red

M) Blue

N) gas

O) Liquid

P) Solid

Q) looks better than you

R) a dog

S) a cat

T) a hairy rat

U) Montreal

V) Paul Legault

W) horse 1

X) horse 2

Y) horse 3

Z) a wooden mass




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