from The Creature



A Hut is Constructed of Loose Stones

this is part the story of Genesis
a human is being collected
the book of things
the book of bodies
a pool of chlorine
the skull of a Frank
or the skull of slug
a lover gives love
while snoring
while thinking about England
one has to become very small
with closed eyes
one becomes the cat
or the toothpick
badly one listens to things
like toffee pudding
or top of the pops
the silver button on a plastic box
where the living rubs against the skin
an uproar and din
who speaks when you are not speaking
near the chirping or rattling of things
near the barking
obscurity filled the atmosphere
there is nothing
the nearest desert
can explain to the mountain
a bad sunning lizard
like an accident
we never saw coming
Mitchen’s monster
or a new dust devil
dropped plush with the desert’s breath
a whistle of wind
through cool ridge
a poem about mint
we all like it for longest breath
withered down
& desolate
in the nearby past
hedge tree shrub house hut or





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