More than TWO choices!!! Neither U.S. terrorism nor Islamic Terrorism

No War, No Economic Sanction, No Nukes, No Islamic Republic – NOT A WORD LESS!

The war propaganda of the West/Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is all over the map. People in the West rightly want to do something about it. In order to take the right position, a short analysis of the situation is necessary. 
“At one pole, there stands the most enormous machinery of state terrorism and international intimidation and blackmail. This camp includes the American government and ruling elite, the only force, which has used nuclear bombs against people, reducing hundreds of thousands of innocent and unsuspecting people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki into ashes within seconds. A state that slaughtered millions in Vietnam and razed and ruined their country for many years by chemical bombardments. It includes NATO and coalitions of Western governments who from Iraq to Yugoslavia, have destroyed people’s homes, schools and hospitals and have taken ransom the bread and medicine of millions of children. It includes the Israeli bourgeoisie and state. They occupy, seize, slaughter and deprive. They bomb and shell refugee camps and shoot scared ten-year-old children taking shelter in their fathers’ arms and at school gates. From Hiroshima and Vietnam to Grenada and Iraq, from the killing fields in Indonesia and Chile to the slaughterhouses of Palestine, the track record of this international pole of state terrorism and imperialist intimidation is obvious and irrefutable for all the world to see.”(1)
At the opposing pole, there stands Islamic Republic of Iran, the strong head of Islamic terrorism and the reactionary and vile political Islam. This force that was once created and nurtured by the US and the West themselves during the Cold War as a means of organising indigenous reaction against the Left in Iran, have now become an active pole of international terrorism and one contender in the bourgeois power struggle in the Middle East. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s resume includes a wide range of barbarity, from state and state sponsored killings in Iran to a war waged against the whole 80 million population of Iran for 33 years, from the creation of a miserable life through extreme poverty and exploitation to the gender-apartheid, child abuse, racism, and homophobia, …, from the bloody suppression of political and intellectual opponents to imposing reactionary and anti-human Islamic laws on people, particularly women, from Islamic beheadings and mutilations, to daily executions and stoning. 
These are the highlights in the track record of these reactionaries. The minimum framework for a civilized response to both forces of reaction is this: “No War, No Economic Sanction, No Nukes, No Islamic Republic – NOT A WORD LESS! “
If you’re against war you MUST spell out that you’re against both sides of this conflict or else you fall on the lap of one or the other reactionary forces. Anti-imperialist folks (generally speaking) have proven that they side with Islamic reaction. Islamic Republic goal in this conflict is nothing but to establish its barbaric model in the region. That is, an ultimate suppression of millions upon millions of people (the 99%) for cheap labor via Islamic rules. However, since its model is not quite desired by other states in the region, the IRI seeks the military hegemony via atomic bomb. The US-led objective is to tame the IRI (the US has not a problem with the suppression of people), it seeks an acceptance of the US hegemony. This objective is disguised with the nuclear program of the IRI.
What exactly is there to take a side for?
A war between states is always against the benefits of the population of either side. So, we need to be against all involved parties. If you are a resident of US-led bloc, 
* demand the immediate stop of Economic Sanctions, 
* demand an end to the war propaganda, 
* demand abolition of all forms of nuclear application (be it nukes or energy), 
* be supportive of the anti-IRI movement in/outside Iran. 
There is no room for pacifism, ie abstract “peace”. What peace is there to start with? Is the current situation a “peace” that we need to defend? If so, why did such a propaganda of war start in the first place? How exactly can demanding “peace” benefit anyone including the stoppage of a potential war? Did the demand of “peace” stop the US-led war against Iraq in 2003? I believe that we need to take an ACTIVE stand rather than the pacifist “peace” position. If we mean business we need to puruse our anit-war/anti-sanction cause to the point of threatening the overthrow of both Western and the Islamic Republic of Iran governments altogether. 
That’s why the people in Iran seek to overthrow the IRI, which would: 
* Cut the war that IRI have waged against them for 33 years 
* An end to the unbearable suffer resulted from the economic sanctions
* An end to the threat of a war with the West/Israel
* An end to the Nukes threat. 

The war propaganda, what’s the use after all?

The mere stand off between the West/Israel and Iran is beneficial for both sides of the conflict. Holding the issue of bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities in Qom, Natanz, Isfahan, Arak, Bushehr and possibly Yazd “on table”, as a possible move by Israel, and yelling it outloud everyday allows the IRI regime to use it as an excuse for harsh handling of its opposition. Both Israel and the IRI are depended of having an external enemy in order to keep the “War alert” button on to continue with their oppressions. Without the mentality of being threatened by foreign hostility they have to face a great deal of vital opposition!
Also, note that after a set of recommendations by the IMF in 2010, the Islamic regime of Tehran cut the subsidies on basic needs (food, gas, and similar) and made the capitalist system wide open for free, savage market economy. The IRI implemented all IMF’s recommendations; the IRI was praised by the IMF as the first country in the world that coulds successfully implement all the recommendations ( 

This set of recommendations was enforced on the working class of Iran by means of killings and imprisonment of workers, intellectuals and political opponents. In order to understand the reasons behind the war propaganda, see the above report. In fact, the chances of a war with Iran is very slim, if at all. The real war on working class, however, has already started by the Islamic Republic via implementation of the IMF policies.
Abbas Goya
February 2, 2012
(1) Mansoor Hekmat, the World After September 11

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