from Fractured Burps (in Progress)


Marchmont Street Soaps


via hand signals outside the window

sucking the tips of impertinent fingers

you get A to B


I have a big appetite for love

sleeping on the floor on the sofa

a number of fixed positions

he was just complaints


what am I?

she got Spanish two months ago

when she was born

I turned it down

what can I pour THIS into?

silver flashes

the flapping bellies of fishes

no more Eng Lit Krits

lookin to find your click thing

women do it more

you can use your imagination

obviously wanting to get the money from IT

three years

I can’t afford IT but I can write IT down

ahhh shucks

beer and the good stew in the gardens

gum brothers vitch vitch

what do You want from ME?

short shorts in Russell Square

let’s get rich IN SPIRIT

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