revision from Primitive Pianos

might change previous manuscript title to Gypsy Moth instead of Primitive Pianos. Still thinking of titles.

Poems written in Spanish Fork, Ankara, Istanbul, Trieste, Elblag, London.

Revision in progress from Trieste section:


in heaven

there is television

I’m forever blowing 

bubbles bubbles

senora senora

I’m hung up on 

and love I’m there

in a thin white

what if getting old
no one
ever finds you?

I’m always in the tunnel

not older 
not younger

I’m tired of this 
but want

to give you 

senorita senorita

2 Replies to “revision from Primitive Pianos”

  1. Simon Howard says:

    Hmm. I really like Primitive Pianos as a title!


  2. postpran says:

    thanks Simon 🙂


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