Paul Green’s Dream Lab


For those of you interested in hybrids of poetry/audio drama/science fiction/surrealism…

I’ve just exhumed an early radio drama of mine and posted it on my podcast as follows:

“Paul A Green’s “auditory assault for voices & media” was broadcast by CBC Radio Canada in 1972. It features Don Harron as Director of the Lab, probing and remixing the dreamlife of his subjects…”

The piece has obvious flaws but also has its moments, notably in the soundscape devised by composer Denis Laurin and producer Alan Yates. As for the text, imagery starts veering towards the surreal as the Lab gets to work. And the echoes of Ballard and Burroughs are now audible. Dr Nathan, I think, is lurking…

Don Harron was the father of Mary Harron, who directed “I shot Andy Warhol” while the narrator role was taken by Bud Knapp, who played the pilot in the TV version of “Quatermass and the Pit”, a connection which gives me a certain obscure pleasure.

Apologies for the faint crackle. It’s been transferred from vinyl LP. CBC broadcast it domestically and then sent vinyl copies to scores of radio stations for unlimited broadcast. Whether any of them did, I don’t know. I was told a few years ago that bits had been sampled in a dance mix somewhere.

This curious work lives on at:


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