Didi Menendez, the editor of miPOesias, did a portrait of me. I dig it. Based on a younger pic. Fun stuff.

I am envious of her talent and energy. I feel absolutely lazy when I see all the projects she juggles. Mind boggling really!





3 responses to “portrait”

  1. William Keckler Avatar

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  2. William Keckler Avatar

    Didi is an amazing portraitist!This is uber-sexy…she has this especial gift for seizing on the sexiest features of male poets…her galleries are amazing…Ask her why she deleted me off her Friends list on Goodreads next time you talk to her, dammit!Tell the woman I’m an admirer and she should stop that crap.Didi, don’t delete those you sing your praises. It’s tacky.Besides, I thought we were engaged in a deep dish game of tiddlywinks on GR.I had to delete my last comment, because I kept typing “Dido” instead of “Didi.” Happy New Year, Marcus.Smiles on both sides of the Janu-face to ye.


  3. postpran Avatar

    Thanks William 🙂 happy new year to you as well. I am off to central London for the big crowds. Just gotta wipe the motes from my glasses. Didi said it was an accident about deleting you at GR. She said she would be happy to re add you.Here comes 2009. I like 9’s. Multiples of 3 in general.


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