Group Identity

Group identification seems to get a bad name (NY School, Language Poetry etc.) Why is that?


Of course classification enhances and limits the work of the artist.

Over and over again I hear muscians getting mad with labels (not alt country just good music).

Don’t we have to classify and label in order to have conversation. We need comparision (i.e. metaphor) in order to say anything.

Yes, labels can limit. No doubt. But the resistance of some artists to labels/group identification might need questioning (the old scale, pendulum and so on and so on forever and eternity).

Automatic shunning of labels/group indentity should be questioned/interrogated.

A strong reaction requires strong interrogation.

I am included in this assessment. I don’t want to be part of a group. I am a genius, a true original.

(but secretly I do).

Cough up the stigmata burger. Astigmatism is like a deflated football.

(The previous sentence mimics the new method of closure disguised as non closure).





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