How to do things with tears


“Poetry doesn’t need skilled practitioners, she needs lovers, and she lays down brambles and shards of glass for the hands that search for her with love.”

Maybe I do go to poetry for answers. But not answers in the empirical sense.

What is an answer anyway? Is love an answer or a question or both?

Going to watch Last Tango in Paris later. It’s been on my list for a while.

Not sure about the redemption at the end of Mystic River. The silent wife who decides to speak.

Other than that it was quite a good movie.

How to Do Things with Tears is so amazing! Lorca and Grossman are convincing me of “poetic realism.”

The imagination as the grounding and inspiration as flight.

Perhaps there is a lot of inspiration going on right now in younger poetry and not enough imagination.

Perhaps is a very caustic word. It has real bite.

Perhaps pretends to be wishy washy but we all know what it really means.

Not all wanderers are lost.

Must always ride the caboose.

Tomorrow moves me deeply.

Today I scorn.

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