Happy to have my nomadic poetics with Lyrikline from various collections, including RidesĀ (Blart Books) and Smashing Time (miPoesias). Translated into Polish and Danish. These poems, while nomadic, and also surreal, are also influenced by NY School poetry. Folks such as Eileen Myles, Maureen Owen. Also punk music, like The Raincoats and Pussy Riot. Lots ofContinue reading “LYRIKLINE”

Expectations and Going on your Nerve

Is hope a form of expectation? My expectations have often led to suffering. Whether the next new country or relationship. Or planning a lesson for a spectacular class only to have it fail miserably. And then the letting go. Almost tricking myself into believing I don’t really care and then WHAM! A surprisingly great class.Continue reading “Expectations and Going on your Nerve”

Regent Street

30th June 2011I want to go more oval in the faceor perhaps trianglethis is a sonata for spoiling eyesa book left open in the rainI’m sitting on an egg timerI don’t knowwhat a sonata is but is soundsgood with my morning coffeewho can water these belching eyes?stroll past All Soulstoday’s morning lesson is on birdsWHOContinue reading “Regent Street”