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“At the lunch table there is a new man. He has been to Dubai and it is very hot. But worse than that is Vegas he says. He gets very excited about Vegas. You have to step into the casinos to cool off he says. I don’t know how to


A short excerpt From my recently finished novel NEVER MIND THE BEASTS. Will be sending it out to publishers/agents soon. Fingers crossed. Never Mind the Beasts is a 1985 coming-of-age story of Henry, a recent immigrant from Portadown, N. Ireland. Told in the style of vignettes, we move inside the

One Minute Sculpture

but mostly he carried an astronaut he carried an astronaut like greasy bacon over a rump roast like an ox that plows and plows and plows that sexes his cherries and sends him up with moon humps and sucker punches a sucker for a suckling diddling his axis with her

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