Hello Tiny Bird Brain launch

  hello tiny bird brain Poetry at the Soho Curzon Wednesday August 31st 2011~ 7pm ~ Entrance free Marcus Slease launches ‘hello tiny bird brain’ Wayne Clements launches ‘western philosophy’ collections published by Knives forks & Spoons press also readings by Tim Atkins – Elizabeth Guthrie- Michael Zand Linus Slug – Patrick Coyle & SJ Fowler the Soho Curzon cinema,Continue reading “Hello Tiny Bird Brain launch”

The possibilities of life/art/community

Fun reading last night!!! Really super enjoyed it. Good to feel the enjoyment. The pleasures of poetry/language/community. Really super happy to read from new work in the chapbook Balloons . . I like Balloons . . . I like the chapbook . . . Ewa rocks!!! the paper and string and smell of nail varnishContinue reading “The possibilities of life/art/community”