prague microfest

it seems like a dream now. flying out of Trieste Italy to Prague to read at the Prague Microfest. Louis Armand. Stephen Delbos. Jason Mashak. Others. Ex-pats and poets and artists and Anglo American university. So anyway. Yes I flew from Trieste to Prague. Stayed not far from the main square. Felt the energy fromContinue reading “prague microfest”

Prague Microfest 2010

Great time in Prague. What a city!!! Picked up some fab books and met some super cool folks. Louis Armand and David Vichnar, Holly Tavel, Jason Mashak, Richard Tippen, Ondrej Pilny, Joshua Mensch and others . . . . good readings . . . some interesting film screenings . . . great walks around theContinue reading “Prague Microfest 2010”