Cabaret Hrabal – Marcus Slease

  Someone took a picture of me reading at Cabaret Hrabal at the Horse Hospital. I am probably saying something about the trash compactors of Hrabal and my life as an endless train of nomadic travel (in body and spirit). Part of my ongoing manuscript Play Yr Kardz Right.  

Hrabal at the Horse Hospital

Big event celebrating Hrabal tonight at The Horse Hospital. A unique space in London under threat (as all good art spaces in cities usually are). If you are in London, come out tonight and support The Horse Hospital. And hear some fun performance poetry, theatre, paper sculptures, and mighty fine


Reading a poem that engages with Hrabal’s Too Loud A Solitude and Closely Watched Trains. Part of my manuscript Play Yr Kardz Right. Next month at THE HORSE HOSPITAL. 3rd JULY. COME ON OUT!! GREAT LINE UP!!  

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