POETRY MAGAZINE Reading List: November 2017

My poem “Feedback” (part of my manuscript The Green Monk forthcoming from Boiler House Press) was published in the November issue of Poetry magazine. Nice! Folks published in the Nov issue of Poetry magazine were asked for readings lists. I’ve added mine. Some Tim Atkins, Jeff Hilson, Colin Herd, bill bissett, Victoria Brown, Isabel Waidner,Continue reading “POETRY MAGAZINE Reading List: November 2017”


Super happy to in the new TOAD SUCK REVIEW. With Linda King on Bukowski, Diane di Prima, Jack Kerouac, Ed Dorn, Henri Michaux, Cass Cross, Stacy Kidd, Ken Waldman and lotsa other goodness. Feels good in the hands!!  http://www.toadsuckreview.org/

Animal Bodies at Sunset and Sunrise (remix 1)

Some nomadic surrealism using an overlay of Allen Ginsberg as guide. It is animal bodies at sunrise and sunset. Some Diane di Prima. Also psychedelics. Please stop sharpening your knives! //player.vimeo.com/video/114598604 Seville Sunset 3 and Seville Sunset 5 from marcus slease on Vimeo.  


Ewa is making chapbooks for my Victorian toilet bowl reading with Richard Barrett this Tuesday. Drawings by David Kelly-Mancaux. The Chapbook is called IT POPS. Ewa made a chapbook a few years ago with nail varnish for the cover called Balloons. I think there is a theme. http://www.artslav.com/