PARK HOUSE BY ROBERT DUNCAN GRAY Robert Duncan Gray is an English artist currently living and working in Portland, Oregon, which is in the top left corner of America. Rob is the curator and host of A reading. He is currently concerned with painting, writing, drawing, and his R&B noise performance/persona project, COLDGOLDCHAIN. He produces aContinue reading “PARK HOUSE”


From the Italian Londoner Crugi Smear. His first collection in English. Available as kindle for only $1.23. It’s gothic. It’s zany. It’s bizarro! It’s sometimes a bit like the love child of Borges, Bukowski and Italo Calvino.It’s crazy!!CHECK IT OUT!! SMEAR! Vol I collects ten short stories by Crugi Smear, an independent London-based writer. TheseContinue reading “CRUGI SMEAR”


My first book of fiction now available from Deathless Press.  It’s a Polish postmodern fairy tale. “The House of Zabka” by Marcus Slease A Polish folk tale meets Kurt Vonnegut’s surreal science fiction. A visionary, oracular original fairy tale that follows a butcher’s daughter to the deepest, darkest, strangest depths of the forest. A playfulContinue reading “THE HOUSE OF ZABKA”