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Poetry in the surrealist tradition


The Outhouse

Homage to the Lame Wolf

Poem: Vasko Popa. Translation: Charles Simic. Reading: Marcus Slease. Images: Dora Maar & Claude Cahun

Forgetful Numbers by Vasko Popa

A fairy tale for numbers by the poet Vasko Popa. Terrific nighttime reading.

Give Me Back My Rags by Vasko Popa

Falling in love, more and more, with Vasko Popa. His selected, translated by Charles Simic, is terrific. (Background Music: Jimmy Giuffre’s “Scootin’ About” & “Cry, Want.”)


Terrific review by Tom Jenks of my book The Green Monk. You can read it over at Stride magazine. Lydia Davis, Daniil Kharms. Yes please! The Green Monk is available from Boiler House Press. It has a very nice design. Good to touch. And also read.

Surreal Irish Childhood

This is a song from my Irish childhood called chuck chuck cheese. It has been slightly altered. I sung it three times with different types of altered voices (high, deep, child’s voice) then combined them into one track and added old Freudian cartoon to go with it. You can listen

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