Travel writing while living in North Carolina, Utah, South Korea, Poland, Turkey, Italy, London, and Madrid.

Dream 1: Stuck in a village in the middle of the desert. The village resembles the salt lake city shopping village. White church in the hills. The village is full of prisoners and I am one of them. I ask around and no one knows how we got here. The

Old Imac 2003

Purchased an old imac (233, 160mb ram). I hope it works well when it arrives. Tired of laptops. Pulled in by the marketing/design of the old imacs. The macs are artistic outsiders. Form and content not seperate for the mac (for pc it’s all content, form is secondary). So very

Went to a used bookstore today. I can’t seem to stay away. Almost always overwhelmed by boring poetry section. Then again in the last few weeks I did pick up: Nice to See You (Homage to Ted Berrigan) $2 The Dada Market (anthology) $4 Routine Distortions (Kenward Elmslie) $5 Mercurochrome

Implied narrative. Everything has an implied narrative. That’s what I hear. Some narratives are more implied than others. How do implied narratives within lyric poetry work differently than linear, straightforward narratives. Subjectivity? The energy of image. Image is static. Does not move much outside the poem. How to light up

“Images are not ideas, they are stiller than that, with less implication outside themselves.” (Robert Hass).

Jim’ll Fix It

A t.v. show called “Jim’ll Fix It.” Boys and girls wrote letters to Jim explaining their fantasies like drinking a fresh bottle of milk while riding upside down in a roller coaster. Other winners included eating forty different kinds of cheese at a factory in the midlands and singing with

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