Wróblewski / Bloom Exhibition

A collaboration between the Polish artist and writer Grzegorz Wroblewski and the South African artist Doris Bloom, at the Warsaw Literary Museum, takes as it’s starting point The New Colony (2003), an experimental treatise/novel/play, in the tradition of Kafka and Beckett. Both Bloom and Wróblewski are immigrants to Denmark and their work probes “the endlessContinue reading “Wróblewski / Bloom Exhibition”


I have never been comfortable with money. The chasing it, living my life for numbers. In America, as an immigrant, I was saturated with the lack of it. Lower middle class, chasing the American dream, the endless informercials and my family trying so many pyramid schemes, doing the grunt work to make someone else wealthy,Continue reading “WHAT ARE HUNGRY MONSTERS?”


Why do we travel? The weekend getaway. The summer and winter breaks. The islands and exotic locations. What are we looking for? The travel industry is one of the biggest on our planet. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the travel industry generated 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. We are lookingContinue reading “HOW TO RENEW YOURSELF WITH MINDFUL TRAVEL”

No Surrender

Another excerpt from my recently completed novel Never Mind the Beasts. This time as a child in Portadown, N. Ireland at the height of the troubles. PTSD, the bomb, satanic rituals, graveyards, granny’s, lucid dreaming, witches. https://soundcloud.com/marcus-slease/no-surrender