Explorations of surrealism as travel between worlds

Love Cyclops(for Piero Heliczer) the vaginas of birds in burnt grass in MiltonKeynesmy feet as they entered the reedsstone stoneor so I have heardheaven is a pebblein the eye signatureeye weeping bird bathsher bobby pinsher bobbythis bear daythere are no bearsit scares mejoints in the grasssure cansugarcanefaded blue jeanson my wilting facein Patagonia answer me


Hello Tiny Bird Brain launch

  hello tiny bird brain Poetry at the Soho Curzon Wednesday August 31st 2011~ 7pm ~ Entrance free Marcus Slease launches ‘hello tiny bird brain’ Wayne Clements launches ‘western philosophy’ collections published by Knives forks & Spoons press also readings by Tim Atkins – Elizabeth Guthrie- Michael Zand Linus Slug – Patrick Coyle & SJ Fowler the Soho Curzon cinema, […]


first draft (for Smashing Time Manuscript)

Brief Bio in sloppy joes in ear-muffs dropping coins for Dr. Pepper in the city of trailer parks in the jerks of god in a gumball machine in the Hamburger Helper in the nerf inside the unobstructed science of free donuts in Vallejo California  a rock hurled from a car window the lack of snow oh on the way to Rancho camel trucking partially submerged birds a shooting […]