Explorations of surrealism as travel between worlds

In Progress

In This World We Do Mutt (for Joseph Ceravolo) my doll is firm aboriginal blubber from this bottle we did drink pull up the blanket affection rides home mother is windy built on  the body is coming these knees are a spongy breeze in Seattle we did chow on clams look at this saint’s hat […]


Love Cyclops(for Piero Heliczer) the vaginas of birds in burnt grass in MiltonKeynesmy feet as they entered the reedsstone stoneor so I have heardheaven is a pebblein the eye signatureeye weeping bird bathsher bobby pinsher bobbythis bear daythere are no bearsit scares mejoints in the grasssure cansugarcanefaded blue jeanson my wilting facein Patagonia answer me