Category: the green monk

Excerpts from the nomadic surrealist book of poetry The Green Monk by Marcus Slease.

Reading of Wild Man

Are you feeling wild. Beepers were wild, especially on studly belts, in the 1990s, in Southern Utah. Here is a studly poem. From my most recent book, The Green Monk (Boiler House Press). (image: Nancy Baker, ‘Wild Man’)

Wild Man

from my latest book, The Green Monk (Boiler House Press 2018).

99 Red Balloons

from The Green Monk (Boiler House Press).

Ancient Elephants

Ancient elephants and DalĂ­. From my book The Green Monk.

First Star

A Polish Christmas poem. From The Green Monk.

The Street of Lamps

In Madrid there is a street called the street of lamps. It is called the street of lamps because they sell many lamps. It is also a street with cold floor cafe with sawdust and old medieval style damp alleyways with flowerpots on the balconies. I sat there, in the

Gold Chains and French Kissing

Jerry sported gold chains, even when he broke the bread, the body of Jesus, and passed the little cups of water, the blood of Jesus. It was a thin one, there were thicker ones. It was the end of 1980s, North Las Vegas. French kissing was in the air. Here

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