I answered some questions about Why I Write over at Slow Culture. A series that continues what George Orwell started over 80 years ago. A wee promo for my upcoming book Play Yr Kardz Right from Dostoyevsky Wannabe. Very shot minimalist answers about nomadic travel, surrealism, psychedelics etc. Trying to define yourself is like to trying to bite your own teeth, said Alan Watts.

Here is my picture. I don’t normally look this slick!


I am performing with London based poet Chris Gutkind at Desperate Literature bookshop in Madrid. April 14th.

Tonight two poets (one local, one not) in a wham bam double thankya mam.

Chris Gutkind mostly started out in Montreal and has lived in London for many years. He worked as a librarian in universities during most of his time there. In 2006 Inside to Outside was published by Shearsman and in 2010, with artist Trevor Simmons, Knives Forks Spoons published Options. A new collection has been finished and hopefully it will be out in the next year or so. He also writes tales.

Marcus Slease is a nomadic surrealist writer and performer from Portadown, N. Ireland and Utah. He is the author of eight books from micro presses. His writing has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, featured in the ​Best British Poetry series, translated into Polish and Danish, and has appeared, or is ​ forthcoming, in many literary journals and anthologies including: ​ ​Tin House, ​Poetry, ​ and ​Fence. His latest book, Play Yr Kardz Right, is forthcoming in August 2017 from Dostoyevsky Wannabe. He lives in Madrid, Spain and teaches English at CIS Endicott International.

Entry €3: Event + Booze + Booklet of poems



Setting: A government housing estate called Coffee Hall in Milton Keynes, UK. Characters: David Bowie, Neil Diamond, the Milton Keynes Bowl, hot air balloon, a mars bar,a rocket ship, an American mall, a playground, a 10 year old boy. Plot: a ten year old boy has just found out he is immigrating to the United States of America.


It is a saint day in East Madrid. The narrator learns Go Fish and King Alfred and peasants and burning cakes. The barbarians are at the gate. They learn to live simply. A true story. Is it Buddhism? Maybe! from my manuscript in progress Play Yr Kardz Right.

THE CAKES from JJMars on Vimeo.