Some of my surreal-absurd poems (from 2010-2014) have been translated into Polish and Danish  at Lyrikline, from various collections, most especially Rides (Blart Books) and Smashing Time (miPoesias).

These collage poems are influenced in part by NY School poetry. Folks such as Eileen Myles, Maureen Owen, Ron Padgett, Ted Berrigan. Also 70’s punk music, like The Raincoats. Lots of train rides, also, all over the U.K. (part of my book Rides). And also, Ali Pali, the local big park when I lived in Wood Green, North London.

Thank you Adam Zdrodowski and Louise Rosengreen.

Lyrikline (based out of Berlin) has an amazing collection of international poets in translation from all over the world. What a resource. Very happy to have some of my writing there.

Check em out over here


The Lincoln Review

Happy to have some new work in issue 2 of The Lincoln Review. A literary magazine produced by students at the University of Lincoln. Some prose poems from my manuscript in progress (currently entitled Hermit Kingdom).

You can read the poems here.

Death’s Door

Hairy time at hospital for seven days. Emergency operation. Death’s door creaked open, then shut again. I am still here.

Loving what I loved ever more!

Here is a prose poem about the universe. From my book The Green Monk (Boiler House Press, 2018).

Hugh Behm-Steinberg

This week’s surreal-absurd sampler is Hugh Behm-Steinberg. A very good absurdist story about squirrels and time travel.

Check it out here at Mercurius.

Mr Peabody

Here is Thursday’s microfiction. A little romantic story. It’s called “Mr Peabody.” From Hermit Kingdom. My book in progress.


Art and life are coming together. Puppy training is leaking into my micro stories. Here is one from today. It’s called Hand Signals:

Matthew Haigh

This week’s surreal-absurd sampler is Matthew Haigh. Poems that use the cut up technique and “centre around cult television shows with a warm, gay-icon slant (The Golden Girls and Murder, She Wrote respectively). Utilising the internet movie database (IMDB).”

Check them out over at Mercurius.

Three from Silesian Soul

Finally finding my feet again after a long year teaching high school. Working on a book of micro fictions (tentatively called Hermit Kingdom). Here are three from the “Silesian Soul” section. Sailors, moon rabbits, a bardo pond.

Three micro fictions from “Silesian Soul” by Marcus Slease