David Greenslade

Terrific surreal-absurd sampler over at Mercurius by David Greenslade. The world of the sponge.

“During lockdown I explored the idea of immobility —  especially the sessile animal known as the sponge.  I began to think of myself as a sessile being.  I have written a number of prose poems about imaginary sponges with illustrations.  The words and images are a blend of invention and fact.” – David Greenslade

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Jeff Alessandrelli

“I attempted to investigate what doesn’t fit and why that unfitting is often more important than that that fits. The songs on the record that I like best are the ones that momentarily skip before righting themselves. But you remember the skip later.” — Jeff Alessandrelli    

This week’s surreal-absurd sampler is Jeff Alessandrelli. Check it out over here



Leaping the moon!!! My next book is coming soon from an exciting press out of Ireland. Beir Bua Press. It is called Puppy. There was loneliness and isolation in a foreign country. We all wanted to go for a walk. Out there in nature where we all belong. Having a puppy is not easy. There is lots to learn about training a puppy. We are in a big net full of jewels and each jewel reflects the other jewel. The puppy is a jewel reflecting our jewel but the puppy is also its own jewel. Puppy is on a growth spurt and I am on a down spurt. We all exit on the ground floor. This prose poem sequence is about life. Hearts emitting sparks to other hearts in deep space. Welcome to the world of puppy. Thanks to the editor Michelle Moloney King for publishing it. More info on their website here


Some of my surreal-absurd poems (from 2010-2014) have been translated into Polish and Danish  at Lyrikline, from various collections, most especially Rides (Blart Books) and Smashing Time (miPoesias).

These collage poems are influenced in part by NY School poetry. Folks such as Eileen Myles, Maureen Owen, Ron Padgett, Ted Berrigan. Also 70’s punk music, like The Raincoats. Lots of train rides, also, all over the U.K. (part of my book Rides). And also, Ali Pali, the local big park when I lived in Wood Green, North London.

Thank you Adam Zdrodowski and Louise Rosengreen.

Lyrikline (based out of Berlin) has an amazing collection of international poets in translation from all over the world. What a resource. Very happy to have some of my writing there.

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