Chimps and Bonobos

I am taking an online creative non-fiction workshop, with some terrific folks from Atlanta and the U.K. Taught by Amy (McDaniel) Robinson. It is part of The Art of Everyone and Studio Friend. Composing the Self and the World. I am remembering the importance of community. No one an island. Etc. Readings and prompts and sharing. And Amy is amazing. And the other writers are amazing. A sense of community.

I am working on some essays, creative non-fiction, and I am starting to realize maybe I’ve been leaning towards creative non-fiction for a while now. A hybrid form. Poetry and essay. Narrative and essay. The lyrical essay. So yes. A book of essays. In the future. Here is an essay. It’s about chimps and bonobos.

‘Chimps and Bonobos” by Marcus Slease

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